HVAC Aeraulic Systems

What we do

Aeraulic systems are systems designed to achieve environmental comfort. They make it possible to move air masses from one place to another. Depending on the case, these air masses can be: neutral (ventilation), with hot or cold thermal energy (air conditioning), with a high concentration of water vapor (humidification), with a low concentration of water vapor (dehumidification)

For each customer’s request, there exist different design responses that often differ from each other. The best solution can be obtained by analyzing the requests and looking for systems that meet the objectives of the customer, combining maximum efficiency with the lowest possible investment and ordinary management costs

In buildings occupied by people, air quality is very important and it must be suitable for the intended use of the premises. Environmental pollution has been found to depend on the metabolism of the people present, on the furnishings, on dust and on Radon. A lack of ventilation causes the chemical saturation of the air, the proliferation of bacteria as well as molds both in the air and on the walls

What can be done with air?

In addition to being of vital importance to every living thing, if conveyed into special ducts, air makes it possible to:

  • Warm up the environment;
  • Cool the environment;
  • Control relative humidity;
  • Reduce carbon dioxide;
  • Reduce environmental pollution;
  • Transport material;
  • Remove bacteria;
  • Remove gas;
  • Remove vapors;

What does our company do?

Our company, Aerotecnica Saturno, can analyze, balance and calibrate aeraulic systems.  We have obtained this result through our experience in the production and installation of aeraulic ducts, our ongoing training and our investments in certified and calibrated instrumentation

Our training and experience allow us to perform reliable tests, minimizing the alterations caused by the geometry of the plant and any general uncertainties

Our multifunctional thermo/hygro/anemometer allows us to misure:


the ambient microclimate (temperature, relative humidity, air velocity) is detected with a dedicated probe, the omnidirectional globe probe


we measure the rotational speed of a motor using the optical and/or contact tachometer probe


temperature and relative humidity are read with hygrometric, immersion, contact and infrared probes


the various types of pressure (static, dynamic, total) with a pitot tube and, in case of high heads, with a dedicated pressure module


the air flow rate in ducts with both duct and outdoor probes (vane anemometers)


absolute pressure, with barometer