Solar Thermal Systems

A solar thermal system uses solar radiation to produce thermal energy: it heats up the intermediate heat transfer fluid (glycol water) within a closed hydronic circuit and transfers heat through a heat exchanger, by heating water for domestic use and/or for the building’s heating system

Technological evolution and the threat of atmospheric pollution, caused by the use of fossil fuels, has encouraged general research and development aimed at producing and using clean and renewable thermal energy with a very low environmental impact

The solar collector converts the energy produced by the sun, as soon as it reaches the solar panel, into thermal energy thanks to the greenhouse effect that is achieved inside of it

Natural or Forced Circulation?

Solar systems are divided into two large families: natural circulation solar systems and forced circulation systems

Natural Circulation

Natural circulation systems exploit the principle of fluid convection; the fluid decreases its weight as it heats up and triggers a convective motion from the bottom to the top. This system requires that the storage tank be positioned above the panel itself to reach maximum efficiency

Forced Circulation

Forced circulation systems provide for the use of mechanical devices for the circulation of the fluid and adjustment and control systems for the management of flow rates and exchange temperatures, determining the thermal power output and the performance of the solar system

Our company can perform tests to measure:

Solar irradiation

the power of the solar radiation on the solar panels, with a solarimeter


the flow rate of the fluid in the pipelines, with an ultrasonic flow meter


pipeline temperatures, with multifunction and temperature probes


rotational speed of the pumps (circulators), with a multifunction device and optical or contact tachometers

Proper functioning

the proper functioning of probes and regulator, with a current clamp/multimeter

System performance

the performance and yields of the solar panels and the entire system