HVAC Hydronic Systems

In HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning ) systems, water is the main heat transfer fluid. Thanks to its chemical and chemo-physical characteristics, it is used to release thermal energy (Heat or Cold) and control the relative humidity of the environment

In these plants, the adjustment system is very important, as it manages the thermal power response (hot or cold) as required by each individual user. The operating logic allows the control and management of the system in compliance with the set point values

Depending on the control modes, the control system manages the response by changing the flow rate and temperature of the heat transfer fluid in the distribution network

As a consequence, the lack of proper calibration and balancing of the systems may lead to:

  • additional management and consumption costs (the greater the distance from the point of maximum performance, the greater the additional costs), resulting in a non-compliance with the project objectives
  • additional costs for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance: when the mechanical parts are unable to operate in optimal conditions, they are subject to premature wear. This happens when the provisions of the properly designed systems are not respected
The regulation system

The control system provides the correct response, consistently with the needs of the customer. To achieve the required performance, a system needs:

  • Electric pumps;
  • Temperature probes;
  • Pressure probes;
  • Flow regulator;
  • Mixing valves;
  • Inverter electronics;

Hydronic heating

The Hydronic heating system is most commonly found in our homes; it consists of one or more closed circuits where the heat generator heats the heat-transfer fluid (water) which in turn transfers the heat to the environment

Hydronic Cooling

The cooling of a hydronic system is obtained through a water chiller; the refrigerant gas inside the chiller generates the cold by compression/evaporation, subtracting energy from the water and refrigerating it

What does our company do?

Our company Aerotecnica Saturno can analyze, balance and calibrate hydronic systems. We have obtained this result through: our experience in the installation of air conditioning systems, our ongoing training and our investments in certified and calibrated instrumentation

Our training and experience allow us to perform reliable tests, minimizing the alterations caused by the geometry of the plant and any general uncertainties

With our instrumentation, we are capable of measuring:


the flow of liquids in the pipelines, using the ultrasonic flow meter with no invasive methods (ultrasonic transducers applied to the pipelines)


the temperature of liquids and pipelines with electronic multifunction device, immersion and contact thermometers and infrared thermometer


absolute and relative pressure, by means of a digital pressure gauge


we measure the rotational speed of pumps by means of electronic multifunction devices and optical and/or contact tachometer probes