Technological Systems

The passion, training and dedication that commit us to this line of work originate from the experience consolidated over several decades of activity. Our know-how has evolved alongside with our production and installation activity of metal ducts for aeraulic systems, which are required by: air conditioning, extraction (industrial and civil) and ventilation (civil and industrial) system

Our desire to improve has led us to verify our work, comparing project requests with actual responses. This allowed us to reduce any uncertainties in subsequent projects, so as to align the constructive response with the project requirements and avoid any deviations

The evolution of performance requirements on the part of customers (in terms of technological requirements and/or environmental comfort), and the need to continuously improve energy yields and performances, forced us to evolve technologically in terms of plants and adjustment systems

In such a context of ongoing system evolution, the TAB activity plays a major role towards the achievement of the established objectives

Our company is constantly evolving


invest in training


invest in instrumentation


We carry out all activities


optimize performances

In addition to the production and/or installation of metal ducts, the creation of HVAC systems, the TAB activity for solar HVAC systems and the validation of clean rooms, we are able to test and verify:


artificial lighting;


the general sound pressure emitted by a source.