TAB as we understand it:

TAB (Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) refers to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems; it consists of the verification, balancing and adjustment of aeraulic and hydronic systems

The main objective of our TAB is to attain the performances provided for by the thermo-technical project, within the usual tolerance range (+/-10% for most types of plants, +/-5% in the pharmaceutical sector), or other if previously agreed. The TAB activity may have to be performed in batches and while the work is in progress, according to what specified in the Time Schedule and agreed during the construction phase

Before starting the TAB activity, it is essential to know the plant regulation logics (BMS)

Whenever possible, we cooperate with the project designer to identify the points where the analyses will be carried out (so as to obtain reliable readings and to allow easy access) and the location of the units that will balance the system (to facilitate the calibration of the units  and of the aeraulic and/or hydronic networks)

This planned approach is important to minimize uncertainties in the measurement activity and to obtain reliable results.

After verifying the adjustment logics, it is necessary to ascertain the correct functioning of the individual components and of the control system as a whole by means of suitable checks; furthermore, it is necessary to prepare the plant for the carrying out of the tests and ensure that they will be significant for the TAB procedure.

After having carried out all the preliminary tests:

Initial Readings

Right after the preliminary evaluations, we carry out the initial first reading tests

Balancing and tuning

We proceed with the balancing, individually adjusting each calibration unit in both the networks and the diffusers

Final readings

We carry out the final tests, and if necessary we tweak the adjustments to obtain values as close as possible to those provided for by the project, within the permitted tolerances

Adjustment units tracking

We label (and/or mark) the positions of the adjustment units, so that the final TAB adjustment can always be restored

Final report

We fill in and provide the final reports of the plant, attaching the calibration certificates of the equipment used

The triple role of TAB:

Optimizing the operation of the plant or the part of it which is affected by the activity

Preparing the final reports, which provide the final data needed to define the performance response of the building with respect to design requirements

Protecting the parties involved in the implementation of the project, in other words both the client and the contractor