Over 40 years of experience

Since the 1970s, Aerotecnica Saturno has been producing and installing metal ducts for HVAC systems.

Our experience and ongoing training policy allow us to operate in sectors that use fluids as an intermediate heat exchange element such as:

  • residential, hospital, education, commercial, catering;
  • industrial, production processes, technological processes.

In order to guarantee the required performance levels, we have always tested our systems, balancing them, calibrating the control units and analyzing the aeraulic circulation devices.

Our 5 main activities

HVAC Systems

we verify, balance and adjust the HVAC systems and the adjustment system itself

Solar Systems

we verify the system and its adjustment to determine performances and efficiency


we perform general acoustic tests

Clean room validation

quantitative and qualitative analysis of air and surfaces

Aeraulic ducts

production and installation of ducts for HVAC systems and pressure tightness tests


In the design phase, we can share with the designers the necessary arrangements to facilitate the access to the measurement and adjustment points and to make maintenance easier.

An in-depth knowledge of the system during the design phase is useful to facilitate the carrying out of tests and balancing in accordance with the construction schedule and the objectives and the construction programmes of the project, so as to avoid delays and unexpected costs.

The verification, balancing and adjustment of the aeraulic and hydronic systems is complemented by the drafting of the initial and final test reports.

Our certified instrumentation, regularly validated and used by our specialized technicians, allows us to analyze the plants.

Our instrumentation includes:
  • Balometer and calibration cones;
  • Multifunction devices for probes;
  • Vane anemometers;
  • Pressure modules;
  • Pitot tube;
  • Barometer;
  • Contact and immersion thermometers;
  • Omnidirectional hot-wire telescopic probe;
  • Thermo-hygrometric probe;
  • Optical and/or contact tachometer probe,
  • Infrared thermometer,
  • Luxmeter;
  • Solarimeter;

40 years of experience


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